Webinar "Join the Article 1, Section 27 Campaign!"

Maya K van Rossum, the Delaware Riverkeeper

Maya K. van Rossum is the Delaware Riverkeeper and leader for the Delaware Riverkeeper Network.  van Rossum recently authored a new book, to be released November 14, 2017, titled The Green Amendment, Securing Our Right to a Healthy Environment which can be ordered at: http://bit.ly/TheGreenAmendment

The role of the Delaware Riverkeeper is to give the Delaware River, and the communities that depend upon it and appreciate it, a voice at every decisionmaking table that could provide help or do harm.  van Rossum, who is skilled as an environmental attorney, strategist, community organizer, facilitator, coalition builder and manager, has led DRN for over 23 years. As Delaware Riverkeeper, she organizes concerned citizens, testifies before state and national governing bodies, oversees DRN litigation, and watches over the Delaware River and all of its tributary streams. Through appointments by governors and agency heads, she has played a role in shaping water quality, quantity and habitat policies and regulation in the Delaware River watershed for over two decades.

Karen Feridun, Berks Gas Truth

Karen Feridun is the Founder of Berks Gas Truth, a grassroots community organization fighting to ban fracking and all natural gas infrastructure. She represents her organization on the steering committees of Americans Against Fracking, the Stop the Frack Attack Network, and co-founded the statewide coalition, Pennsylvanians Against Fracking. She has worked with other organizations and community groups to defeat pipelines, processing plants, natural gas power plants, placement of gas infrastructure next to schools, forced pooling, and a wide variety of other projects and policies.

Tim Spiese

Tim Spiese is a board member of Lancaster Against Pipelines which was formed in 2014 in opposition to the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline LAP Is a founding member of the Better Path Coalition and remains committed to stopping pipelines and all unnecessary expansion of natural gas development in Pennsylvania.


Join the Better Path Coalition this Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm for a sneak preview of our upcoming 1/27 Harrisburg action!


Maya van Rossum: The Green Amendment & how court cases have breathed life into Article 1, Section 27

Karen Feridun: Overview of the Better Path Coalition Article Section 27 campaign and panel discussion

Tim Spiese: Team Lorax petition delivery and how you can sign the petition!


January 27 & 28: Join the Article 1, Section 27 Campaign

The Better Path Coalition invites you to participate in two days of events and action in Harrisburg when we call on our elected officials to uphold Pennsylvania's environmental rights amendment, Article 1, Section 27.

On Sunday, join us for a panel discussion featuring Franklin Kury, the former state representative who authored the amendment, Maya van Rossum, the Delaware Riverkeeper and author of the book, The Green Amendment, Jordan Yeager, one of the attorneys who won the landmark PA Supreme Court ruling on the basis of the amendment, and other speakers to be announced.

On Monday, join us at the Capitol to deliver the petition we launched at polling locations on Election Day. The petitions will be delivered to every legislator and Governor Wolf, along with copies of the Dr. Seuss classic, The Lorax. They'll be delivered by children dressed as the Lorax. We start with a rally and press event.

 Learn More About the Better Path Coalition and the Article 1 Section 27 Campaign here: https://www.betterpathcoalition.org/article-1-section-27-campaign   

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